6  Things Strippers Want You to Know About Strip Clubs

Most people think that all it takes to have the most amazing stripper experience is to hit the best strip clubs in the city. Going to the best joints means you can expect the company of the most gorgeous and skilled dancers and enjoy fantastic entertainment.  

However, choosing which joint to visit is just a part of it. The other part relies mainly on you—how you behave as a guest in an adult club. Make an effort to learn and observe strip club etiquette and the strippers and establishments you visit will surely appreciate you more and provide you a better service.


  1. Please prepare notes.

Come on, don’t be the jerk who throws coins on the stage. And how are you going to insert change into a G-string? Before hitting the clubs, make sure you have enough paper bills with you to pay for everything—tips, food, drinks, etc.

  1. Ask about club rules and regulations.

Knowing the policies from the onset can prevent any awkward or embarrassing situations. For example, some adult clubs don’t allow you to touch the strippers. But there are others that permit touching only if the dancer says so. In addition, some establishments strictly don’t allow taking pictures of performers on stage.

  1. Don’t bring along someone who doesn’t want to be there.

Think of it this way. You’ve been planning to hit the hottest strip clubs in the city for weeks. You and your mates are so hyped and excited on the big night. But when you get to the club, it turns out to be a disaster because you or a friend brought along their reluctant, disapproving, or overprotective significant other.

  1. Ask about the prices.

One of the common complaints strippers have is customers who request a lap dance or a private room then pick a fight because they refuse to pay the bill. These clients argue that they didn’t know it would be that expensive or that they weren’t aware of the additional charges.

To avoid any surprises and to keep your bank account intact, make sure to inquire how much a particular service or add-on costs.  

  1. Don’t be shy to say “No”.

Some dancers say they appreciate it that some guests make up excuses when refusing a lap dance thinking it’s more polite. However, will appreciate it more if customers just politely say “no, thank you” directly. They won’t take it against you personally. Plus, it allows them to focus their attention on the next client who might be interested. After all, they are just trying to make a living by dancing on as many laps as they can.

  1. Tipping plays a huge role in your overall strip club experience.

Remember that dancers working strip clubs in the city rely on tips to make most of their money. Show some appreciation for their effort to give you a good time by tipping. And include the waiters or waitresses as well. Regular and good tippers are appreciated by the staff and dancers. You will be treated better than others.

Ultimately, how you conduct yourself as a strip club patron and how you interact with the workers and other guests can have a big effect on your overall experience. You don’t necessarily have to be the richest customer. Being polite and respectful can earn you even more appreciation from the strippers and staff.